Vecchia Dogana Guesthouse
Ara Dogana 5, CH - 6999 Astano.
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Tel. +41 (0)76 428 06 43+41 (0)76 428 06 43,

We like to offer a tailor-made hospitality: our room rates vary according to the number of nights, the number of rooms booked and the desired services. Single room rates start from CHF 100.-. and double rooms from CHF 160.-. Fill the form for an exact quote or for any other enquiry!

Vecchia Dogana Guesthouse

The Border
of Dreams

Vecchia Dogana Guesthouse

The Border
of Dreams

Vecchia Dogana Guesthouse

The Border
of Dreams

A late 19th-century villa built as a customs house on the border of Italy, our Guesthouse looks out from the headwaters of the Lisora stream. It is outside the village of Astano, Malcantone region, close to a silent, mystical lake. The vegetation of the hillside blends into a beautiful garden, without a single fence to mark the boundary.

To make this place unique, we found and restored second-hand furnishings appropriate to the building: it’s a public building, with visual touches that you might recognise from other public buildings, such as schools. Let’s not disguise that, let’s celebrate it!

Green attitude

Second-hand design furnishings

Warmth and familiarity

Your Host

Your host

“What matters to me is hospitality: welcoming my guests as mistress of the house, offering them tranquillity, comfort, peace, beauty. That’s why the minimum stay is two nights: you need that time to lose the world and find yourself.”

Elisabetta Lazzaroni


5 rooms for 9 adults, plus 2 extra bed for kids
White linen sheets
Honeycomb bathrobes and towels
Handmade soaps by SOALP Alpine cosmetics
Shared toilettes on the floor

Quiet place
No light pollution
Good natural energy
Surrounded by spontaneous nature
Essential oils for cleaning and washing

Homemade buffet or self-service breakfast
High quality seasonal flavours and local products
Foods suitable for food intolerances
Fully equipped kitchen
Fruits, tea and coffee always available

Outdoor activities
Large beautiful garden
Two electric bicycles available for rent
Best place for hiking, mountain bike, fishing, swimming and gold seeking lovers

The Vecchia Dogana Guesthouse is a late 19th-century villa built as a customs house on the border with Italy.

The Vecchia Dogana’s garden is a project in constant evolution, intended to foster the greatest possible biodiversity through gathering and preserving of local species.

At the basis of project is the desire to have the least possible impact on the environment: it was therefore logical to recover and reuse existing materials and furnitures. Picture of room n°1 + room n°2.

Room n°3

Room n°5

Room n°2

The original larch parquet, centenary, has been recovered through a meticulous manual cleaning work, so as to preserve the relief given by the wear and tear of time.

Breakfast room with 40’s tiles. Table in solid wood from a grotto in Capriasca. Lamps from the Hotel Milano in Faido.

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Our story


On those days when the phone never stops ringing nor the screen flashing, when deadlines loom ever closer and the clock seems to be spinning out of control, we all have the same dream: to escape to a place of peace and harmony. A cosy sun-lit house, filled with beauty and embraced by nature, from which the stress of modern life has been banished far beyond the horizon.

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